Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interesting Revelations

I took J to a nutritionist today.  Well, technically he's a nutritionist; he also practices applied kinesiology and energy work (I'm not quite sure how else to explain it).  While a lot of people will dismiss this as hokey, out there, and a load of crap, I find it fascinating.

Before we left, J was very hesitant.  He did not want to go see a doctor.  I can't say I blame him; as a healthy kid, most of his experience with doctors involves annual checkups, which means shots.  I explained that G was a different kind of doctor, and that I thought he might actually like seeing him.

As we pulled into G's driveway, J was curious:  where is the doctor's office?  This is a house, he announced.  I explained that G practices from his home.  That immediately put J at ease.  Before we entered his office, G offered him a glass of water, which thrilled J.  G also offered some books for J to look through while G and I discussed his diet, behavior, any concerns, and so on.  Amazingly, J was calm and very well behaved for well over an hour.

While much of what G told me was not news - specifically, his ability to maintain focus is low, some of it was news - the cause of the lack of focus, and how to remedy it.  Probably the most interesting thing G discovered was that chicken is not a good for for J.  He also told me that it's not good for me, either.  Neither J nor I am allergic to it, but for whatever reason our bodies can't utilize its nutrition, so it's as if we ate Twinkies instead.  At least J and I like pork and beef; I'll have to make some slight modifications to our family's diet.

Oh, and the other really cool thing that G told me is that J needs to be more grounded, as in spending more time physically connected with the earth.  He suggested jumping on a trampoline, and that by jumping on it, J would benefit (by gaining improved focus) for approximately nine hours.  I'd be a fool not to bring the trampoline back up from the basement.  If he jumped for a few minutes in the morning, imagine how it would help him during the school day!

The next four days will be transitional - J's body will be adjusting to the changes of energy within his body.  I am curious to see how J responds!

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