Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weather With You

Today was yet another wacky weather day.

It started out nastily hot and humid, but fortunately for me, J and T were at camp.  While they were gone, S and I took a quick run to the library, to the grocery store for a half gallon of milk, then back home to hang out until pickup.

After camp, we all headed to the lake.  It was still nastily hot and humid, but at least we could go in the water.  A was there with I, K met us after her lifeguarding class, and J and T had swimming lessons, so it was a nice afternoon all around.

Just as I was about to pack up, some rumbling thunder caused the lifeguards to call everyone out of the water.  As we walked home, a breeze picked up, the humidity broke, and the temperature cooled significantly.  It certainly felt like something was coming.

The something took another hour, but it did come.  So did thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  Along with a lot of rain.  Fortunately, no tornado or hail.  [It's rather unusual for this many thunderstorms in July.  I hope it's clear for J's birthday party next Saturday]

It's still rumbling now, here and there.  It sounds like the rain has passed, but I hope that it takes the humidity with it.  Don't know if this means anything, but the crickets are going crazy.

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