Friday, July 2, 2010

Sparkly Vampires

As I mentioned yesterday, I went out with some girlfriends on Wednesday for dinner and a movie. 

We went to see Eclipse.  It was an experience.

For those who aren't serious Twi-hards, Eclipse is the third movie based on the four books in the Twilight series.  It also opened at 12:01 Wednesday morning.  The target audience for the Twilight series is pre-teen and teenage girls.  And horny suburban moms.  Moving on...

We arrived at the theater at 7:10 for a 7:30 showing.  Fortunately K had preordered our tickets, so rather than wait in line, we only had to go to the ticket kiosk and have them printed out.  So with approximately fifteen minutes to showtime, you would think that we would have plenty of seats from which to choose, right?

Wrong!  The theater was packed!  The farthest back we could sit was in the third row.  Not only were we sitting waaaaay down in front, we were also the oldest women in the theater who weren't chaperoning their daughters.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The movie was not great cinema by any stretch, but it was fun.  I enjoyed watching the very easy on the eyes Robert Pattinson (sorry, Taylor Lautner, your abs are amazing, but I just can't get past your very cute but very young looking face).  Listening to all the young girls squeal when Jacob told Edward that "I'm much hotter than you!" and when Bella and Jacob kissed made me laugh out loud.  The whole experience made me want to get all MST3K, but I refrained out of respect to myself and my friends.

Now I want to reread the whole series and watch the movies in order (I haven't yet seen New Moon, but I do know whether Bella chooses Jacob or Edward), and see Breaking Dawn when it's in the theaters.

Mmm, sparkly vampires...

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