Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Blessings

A couple of things happened yesterday for which I am grateful, and I wanted to acknowledge them.

First, filed under "Perfect Timing That I Could Not Have Planned If I Tried" -
Last week J attended science camp at his elementary school, but this week he is attending camp with T at the local parochial school.  The timing of the locations was perfect because, due to sewers being installed, the road heading to the elementary school is closed further up, and I don't know how I would have gotten there aside from taking a ridiculously long detour.  This would have been especially inconvenient since both J and T's camps ran from 9-12 at two different locations.  This week they're at camp together, so I only have to make one dropoff and one pickup, and there are no detours.  Had the weeks and locations been switched, I would have spent much more time in transit.  I am very grateful that I do not have to worry about that.
Second, filed under "Just What I Needed Exactly When I Needed It" -
Mondays are my yoga nights.  Last week I missed yoga because the Hubster had to work late (quarter close, blech) and my parents were unable to help out as my mom was sick.  I did some sun salutations at home, but let's be honest - without an instructor to guide and push me, I didn't work as hard or practice for as long as I would have had I attended class.
Last night's class was comprised of mostly twisting postures, designed to stretch out the spinal column.  Amazingly, my back and shoulders have been so tight and this class was the perfect antidote to my tension.  I was very grateful to E for designing my perfect class last night.
And then when I got home, I asked the Hubster if I could watch "New Moon" (he was half asleep watching "Tommy Boy").  He said sure, and went up to bed.  Aaahhh, me and Jacob and Edward.  Swoon!

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